Fairview Elementary School
We have been Fairview’s business partner since 2003 and provided many
volunteers to work with the children and staff in many ways. We operate the
school library since certified Librarians have been eliminated, our men work with
the fifth-grade students with a project called Engineers in the classroom and
provide art in the classroom through the Art association with a church member.
Special ways we help the staff and students beginning in the fall by collecting
school supplies, help with the fall festival, book fairs, STEAM night, buy books for
the library, support big projects each year such as playground equipment and new
stage curtain. As the year proceeds, we help during the Christmas holidays with
the children in need through our Angel tree campaign. Ten students are selected
by Fairview teachers each year and we provide clothing, books, games, and toys
for each student. Over 180 students have been helped and many more will be
helped in years to come. We find ways to honor the staff at Fairview during
National Education Week with food, special signs for their yards and notes to let
teachers know how special they are. Our outreach at Fairview is to help in ways
that support the students and staff. We are part of a community that helps raise
our children at Fairview